Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 6,7,8:

It's not that I'm bored, I've just hit a plateau at my Apothecary.  I have gotten good enough to speak downstairs to pretty much anyone and can answer most questions. They don't leave me alone yet, but I prefer the company.  Both Monday and Thursday were quiet tame (read: boring) this week, so there wasn't much to write about.  We have very few visitors here during the week since it's the off season, so to avoid the visitor-less blues, I decided to go in today.  The weekends are much more populated, though there are still times that there aren't any visitors.  The downtime gives me a good opportunity to start my research.

When I am downstairs, this is my box of tricks:

This is what I have behind me when I am standing behind the counter.  The bottles hold tinctures, wines, and other liquid medicines.  The bottles are all reproductions and we make the medicines.  They aren't just colored water, it's real medicine in there!  When I talk about different medicines, I grab it and let the visitors look at it up close.  I also will only put out one or two bottles (the medicines I know best) out on the front counter to talk about, so that if visitors are curious, they're only curious about the medicines I know about! The white topped bowls are ointments and powders.  We use them for the same purpose of demonstration.  The terrifying thing you see in front of the bowls is my favorite source for terrifying young children.  It's called a "tooth key"--guess what it does!  Yup, it rips your molars out of your head though the act of leverage only.  With no pain medication.

Thats all for me today.  More on my research later in the week!
Your humble servant,

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